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Asset Integrity Management

Oil Plus introduced Asset Integrity Management into its portfolio of services back in 2019. This new division has now grown to a team of 8 members of the technical team, which is being led by Mike Noble, who has over 20 years of experience delivering Asset Integrity Management solutions to the global Oil & Gas Industry.

In Q4 2019 Oil Plus was awarded a number of projects from clients with assets in the North Sea and Trinidad to supply the following services:

• Criticality Analysis

• Maintenance Strategies Development

• Job Plan Authoring

• Spare Parts Analysis

• Maintenance Optimisation

Work continues during Q1 2020 to deliver them on both cost and schedule. As we enter 2020, we are looking to build on these recent project wins and expand our team and client base. At the heart of Oil Plus’s offering is a tool that addresses this problem. Its core design principle is the identification and consolidation of data elements from disparate sources. AIM+ is the new name for our tool and we plan to officially role this out to the marketplace towards the end of February 2020. AIM+ allows us to deliver our projects within a third of the time that it would typically take to deliver projects which in turns allows us to be highly competitive within the marketplace on a global basis.

As information is released from different disciplines, contractors, or vendors, AIM+ provides comprehensive quality-checking methods to ensure that accepted information is complete, correct, and consistent. Context data about where information originated and the conditions under which it has been shared is held as well.

AIM+ offers a complete picture of the digital plant as it is being designed, as it is being built, and as it is being operated. Providing access to a trusted data source enables better, more cost-effective decisions for the entire life cycle of the process facility.

Modules can be offered as discrete services in isolation, or can inter-operate together, each module informing the next, minimizing data redundancy, ensuring high levels of consistency and integrity whilst facilitating a comprehensive audit trail. The Maintenance Build Process can be tailor made to suit your project size and budget.

The advent of global communication technologies allows Oil Plus to carry out work for clients based throughout the globe from our headquarters in Aberdeen.

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