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Oil & Gas Market intel - DQ Offshore

CSNK Energy is partnering with DQ Offshore to bring wider coverage of its Oil & Gas Market Intelligence.

DQ Offshore provides qualified leads so you can point your business development teams in the right direction to live opportunities via its online portal of real time and up to the minute key market intel.

  • DQ Intel is specifically designed for companies looking to capture more potential sales opportunities in the oil and gas sector by providing real time, actionable business development leads

  • Pioneering a new way to give you up to the minute key market information and a unique differentiator

  • Helping our clients craft and implement solutions with measurable fast-tracked results

  • Our extensive network of decision makers is down to our commitment to building meaningful and lasting relationships,

  • Through collaboration our team of international Business Development experts and associates identify key leads and share them via DQ Intel

  • Point your business development team in the right direction and cut out months of international sales calls

  • A network beyond your network, unlocking those unknown international opportunities without leaving the office

  • Access to a global network of decision makers through our diverse industry connections

For further information and how to gain access to its online portal contact -

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