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UK business urged to seek Opportunities in Libyan Oil, Gas

The Chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, has set

out the enormous opportunities which Libya offers to internationally competitive UK companies in its oil and gas sector.

He told a meeting of the influential Libyan British Business Council (LBBC) in London that projects worth many billions of dollars could be issued over the coming years if the current oil blockade can be lifted and a stable Libyan government established.

Chairman Sanalla also warned that UK companies could only benefit from a stable, rule-of-law environment in the Libyan economy if the international community helped Libyan leaders to create it. And in this effort, the UK had a crucial role to play, not just in reaffirming principles and publicly expressing support, but in actively pressing for solutions and countering those countries which wanted to control Libya for their own ends.

Sanalla said:

"We know that UK companies will win highly profitable business in the oil and gas sector in Libya if there is a level playing field. But not all of the countries involved in Libyan affairs at this point want to see a level playing field. The UK Government needs to take an active role in ensuring the current oil blockade is lifted. It needs to play its part in creating a fair and just Libyan society based on the rule of law if British companies are to thrive in the Libyan market."

(Source: NOC)

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